The FOSS Transition


It's no secret that I'm an Apple Fangirl. Or that I have been one. If there's an iSomething, it's probable that I'd have it.

I'm definitely rooted in the Walled Orchard that is Apple products. Since around 2008/2009, I've used Apple products. They've always been fast, efficient, and well-built. I've had no reason to leave the orchard.

Recently I got a new Macbook and iMac. Almost immediately I was unimpressed by the functionality of the new Macbook. The response time was noticeably slower, the charging time increased, and there was an odd screen flicker every now and then. The iMac, too, wasn't anything to write home about. It suffers from the same response delay as the MacBook and doesn't form as good of connections with peripherals - the wireless connection to both the mouse and the keyboard can be quite spotty at times, even with a full charge.

Next is Big Sur. I've always been a curious kitten and I love new updates. For the most part, staying updated within the Orchard has not led me wrong. Until Big Sur. I hate Big Sur.

Apple has clearly decided to jump on the app-style bandwagon for its desktop operating system, I suppose it's to entice the iPhone users who would otherwise use Windows desktop products to perhaps take the leap into MacOS. MacOS took its first major step into becoming just a large iOS service with Big Sur, and I doubt it's going to return to its roots any time soon. And I couldn't be more disappointed.

Ever since returning to Fosstodon, I've found myself increasingly drawn to FOSS options. I even decided that, barring any functional damage to my iPhones, I wouldn't be upgrading to the next phones, in hopes that something like Librem would become available in Canada before my phones became obsolete. This also applies to my MacBook and iMacs.

For now, I'm going to keep an eye out for FOSS products that I can embrace and fund. It will be a bit of a process. Unfortunately for user familiarity, I can't entirely adopt FOSS on a professional level, but I can make my own personal choices that only affect me and what I use.

Update: this is obviously on hold for now.

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