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Last month I got an e-mail from another user on Masto (thumb) checking to see if I had an RSS feed on my site. At the time, I didn't, and I didn't really know how it would even be possible without using a third-party system to create one.

Since that e-mail, I've had a handful of other requests, either about this site or my personal site, about an RSS feed. So, I figured, what the heck, I'll look into it.

Guess what? It wasn't as hard as I'd originally imagined.

After some trial and error, and reading what I could find online, I was successful!

It's a bit of work, but as I'm manually doing all of this anyway, it's mostly as simple as updating it when I post something new.

The only question now is: how many posts to keep in ones feed at any given time? Is it normal to leave all your posts in your feed or, say, just the 5/10/20 most recent? Do feed readers have options for this?

I ask all these questions because I don't actually use a feed reader - but maybe I should start.

Anyway, to access my feed, it's here - or you can access it at the bottom of my main page.

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