Beware: Keeper Security


Her first thought upon hanging up the phone went straight to Twitter - she needed to create a new account to tell the world of her misfortune and the shady dealings of that company.

*ReCoRd ScRaTcH*

I'm a little angry this morning. Let me give you a little background.

A little over a year ago, I was getting very frustrated with Keeper Security. They'd made some weird adjustment to their Chrome extension (which I use within Vivaldi) that made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to even SEE my login boxes on any site which I tried to use. I contacted support. "Did you try turning it off and on again?" I'm not a noob. I've been there done that. I uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared my cache, restarted, etc. Nothing fixed this major faux pas. I couldn't live without being able to sign in, but also, I have a significant amount of passwords that I can no longer remember because when you're dealing with logging in with as many sites and accounts as I do, it just pays to have a password manager.

So, I closed off my account (or so I was told), and went searching for the next best thing in password management. And I found it. BITWARDEN! I am ENTHRALLED by Bitwarden. I love them. May they never do anything to make me angry.

Now, a few weeks back I get an e-mail from Keeper Security.

Dear Keeper Customer,

Your Keeper account is expiring within 30 days. Please renew now. If you do not renew, your account will expire and you will lose access to essential Keeper Unlimited features.

'Great!' I think to myself. I thought my account had been closed, but this email is telling me that it will automatically expire. Fine by me. I've got no interest in renewing, so I obviously don't click the big orange "Renew Now" button.

This morning, I was going through my monthly credit card expenses, when lo-and-behold, here's Keeper Security charging my account. The best part? They charge in USD, so $100 becomes $130 for me when the exchange rate is right.

I pick up the phone and call them immediately. I get some fellow on the line who doesn't seem like he enjoys his job (who would enjoy customer service with people like me calling?). He offers ZERO explanation as to why I was charged a renewal when I didn't renew. When I ask to speak to someone higher than him, his manager is on vacation. Ah yes, "vacation" - I know that line too well.

In the end, they're apparently refunding me, but I'll be about $10 short because of the exchange rate. My first instinct, when dealing with shady companies like this is to head straight to social media and tear them apart. But since I don't have social media anymore, I'm left with posting on my blog, and hoping and praying that maybe one of you will see this and think "I'd really better warn others about using Keeper Security because this company is straight up shady in their business practices."

So, in the end, just beware of Keeper if you deal with them. If you've been curious about them, let this serve as a warning to you. If you're in the market for a new password manager, give Bitwarden a try. Or 1Password (which I've just added to my repertoire because Fastmail has teamed up with them for a Masked Email function - which is spectacular, might I add.)

Just... stay away from Keeper.

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