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Well, here I am with my first post since ditching social media. You, my gracious reader, are privileged. I'm here to update you!

Well, I've been working hard on these stupid audits and I'm happy to say that I've completed gathering all the requested data for ONE of the two audits I'm managing. Even better, I get to show the moronic auditor that it's probably best to look over ALL material she's sent before requesting details, because 90% of what she's requesting (for one year at least) has already had all sales taxes paid on them. If only she'd followed directions, she wouldn't need to look like a fool.

No updates on the lawsuit. It's going as much legal matters tend to go - with the lawyers just piling dollars in their own pockets.

It's almost August now, and the sale of the scrap yard still has not been finalized. Heck, even the utilities have not been switched over yet, but I've given them one week before I cut them off and then they can figure out how to work without electricity.

Now for the "and more" part!

I've finally received my flip phone and my analog watch. Tonight I started the shift from my iPhone to the flip phone and took off my Apple Watch for the last time. Wanna see? I knew you would, my gracious reader.

My new phone and watch!

The watch is a Timex. I bought a Timex for my own history with it. At one point in time, I'd lost my watch somewhere. For years, I had no clue where it went. One day, when mowing the lawn, I found it, hiding in the lawn. STILL TICKING. After years of snow and rain and cold and heat, it still held the time.

The phone is a ZTE Cymbal 2. It's second-hand, but what do I care? It's only for texting and phone calls.

I sent that same picture above to a friend of mine. His comment was "All everyone else will see is a phone, but what you see is a flip off to society." And he's not wrong.

As little as I actually used social media, it's been a bit interesting being off of it. The withdrawal is real. I'll be driving, or working on something, and a thought will come to mind that I'll want to share. Sometimes I'll write it down, sometimes I won't. But I'll get past it, I'm sure. Or come running back. But hopefully the former, not the latter.

As I told another friend today, whenever I really contemplate what it is that I post, I'm reminded of that quote from Macbeth:

It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

That's it for today. I'll catch up with you again, my gracious reader, when I get some kind of thought about posting more.

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